Renting Conditions

SeaFox Oy - Rental of SUP boards, canoes, rowing boats, electric scooters, and other rental equipment:

  1. These rental terms and conditions, the rental agreement, and Finnish legislation define SeaFox Oy's (hereinafter Merchant) rental terms and conditions, rules, and regulations for SUP boards, canoes, rowing boats, electric scooters, and other rental equipment (hereinafter rental equipment). By signing the rental agreement, the lessee (hereinafter the Customer) agrees to comply with these rental conditions, agreements, and legislation related to the rental.

  2. The rental equipment and their accessories available for rent are the property of the Merchant.

  3. The Merchant's property must not be taken outside the borders of Finland.

  4. The rental fee is paid in advance before the rental starts by the payment methods approved by the Merchant, which are cash, bank transfer, and debit card payment.

  5. The Customer must prove their identity with a valid photo identification document (passport, EU driving license, or identity card) at the time of rental.

  6. The Customer must leave a deposit for the rental, which can be either a photo identification document (passport, EU driving license, or identity card).

  7. A person under 18 years of age can rent the Merchant's product(s) in the presence of their guardian.

  8. By signing the rental agreement, the Customer is responsible for all damages and losses that occur during the rental period to the rental equipment and its accessories. The Customer is obliged to compensate for the damages caused to the rental equipment and/or accessories according to their actual value. The Customer is fully responsible for all damages that occur to the rental equipment and/or accessories while they are rented. The liability for compensation is waived when the products are returned to the service provider in accordance with the agreement and found to be in good condition.

  9. The Customer must return the rented rental equipment and/or accessories to the agreed place at the agreed time when the rental period ends. If the Customer returns the rental equipment and/or accessories late or does not return them at all, the lessor has the right to charge additional rent until the time of return or discovery. The additional rent is 20 € / for each starting hour.

  10. The Customer is obliged to take care of the rental equipment and other possible accessories during the rental period as a careful person takes care of their own property and to exercise special care and caution towards the rental property belonging to the Merchant.

  11. The Customer agrees to use the rental equipment and related accessories only for their intended purpose.

  12. The Customer declares to understand that they have no right to demand compensation from the Merchant in case of personal or property damage.

  13. The Customer may not transfer any rented product(s) to a third party without a separate agreement.

  1. The customer must immediately contact the Merchant (phone number 0400268473) and the police (phone number 112) in the event of theft, vandalism, traffic accident or other similar incident to investigate the matter.

  2. The Merchant has the right to terminate this agreement during the rental period if it turns out that the Customer is not complying with the terms of the rental agreement. The Merchant reserves the right not to rent rental equipment and/or its accessories without explanation if the Customer does not seem reliable, is unable to comply with the terms of the agreement, or otherwise unable to take care of the rented material.

  3. The Customer understands that the Merchant is not responsible for the Customer's actions during the rental period. The Customer is fully responsible and the Merchant does not insure customers against personal, property or other damages.

  4. Any cancellations must be made by the Customer by email or phone to the Merchant no later than the previous day. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start of the rental, the Customer must pay the full rental fee to the Merchant.

  5. In the event of force majeure, the Merchant may terminate the rental agreement. The customer who rented the item will be notified of the termination immediately. In this case, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the rental fee paid. The costs incurred by the customer as a result of the termination of the rental agreement due to a force majeure event will not be reimbursed.

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