Reservation instructions

Book and pay for the trip or rental equipment as follows:

  1. Select the number of adults and children going on the trip.

  2. Choose your desired date and time.

  3. Select Reserve. Note: If you want to add a child transportation trailer to your fatbike reservation, indicate the necessary information under the Child Transportation Trailer product option and click Reserve separately, which will calculate the total price. Then click the Reserve button below to add your booking to the shopping cart.

  4. Select Shopping Cart and verify its contents.

  5. Select Proceed to Order.

  6. Enter your email address and postal code.

  7. Select Continue.

  8. Enter your information into the form.

  9. Accept the Terms.

  10. Select Order.

  11. Pay for the order using your chosen payment method.

Do You Need Help With the Reservation?


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