Marine adventures and
equipment rental in Kalajoki


Equipment rental

Marine adventures

Marine Adventures in Bothania Bay

Join us on sea and fishing trips to the unique archipelago of Rahja and Maakalla island. We also offer shorter boat tours off the coast of Hiekkasärkät!

Fishing Trips

Guided Fishing Trips

We fish by trolling and with a fishing rod. We also arrange trolling trips and tailor fishing trips according to the customer's wishes!

Specialities of the Bothania Bay

Unique trips in Bothania Bay


Boat ride from Kalajoki all the way to Sweden

Do you need a ride on the sea, near or far? We provide on-demand transportation to nearby archipelagos, various destinations along the Gulf of Bothnia, and even to Sweden. We also offer safety boat services.

Gift Cards

A Sea Trip as a Gift

Give a unique sea experience as a gift to your friend! You can determine the value of the gift card yourself. The recipient of the gift card can redeem it for the chosen sea trip or rental service.
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